Evelyn Fox Keller

Evelyn Fox Keller

Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science, Emerita (STS); Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Evelyn Fox Keller received her Ph.D in Physics from Harvard in 1963. Yet, she has strong interests in molecular biology, which is reflected in her thesis ("Photoinactivation and the Expression of Genetic Information in Bacteriophage-Lambda). She has been teaching at MIT since 1992. Earlier, she has taught at  Northeastern University,  University of California, Berkeley , University of Maryland, Northwestern University , State University of New York at Purchase, New York University, Princeton, Cornell and in Northwestern University.

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She has authored several books including The Century of the Gene in which she argues that the gene is not the prime engine of evolutionary creativity. Her latest book published in 2010 is titled The Mirage of a Space between Nature and Nurture.