Giorgio Bernardi

Giorgio Bernardi

Visiting Professor, Department of Science; Roma Tre University, Rome

Giorgio Bernardi pioneered a new branch of biology which was going to be called Genomics. Indeed, in 1959 he embarked in investigations on the organization and evolution of the genome which he continued since and he is still pursuing.

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Bernardi discovered the genomic code, the set of rules concerning the organization , the function and the evolution of the eukaryotic genome and which is relevant for genome function and evolution. He is the proponent of a neo-selectionist theory of genome evolution which not only provides a solution to the neutralist/selectionist debate, but also introduces an epigenomic component in genome evolution.

MD 1952 (Padua University, Italy); PhD (Physics) 1967 (Strasbourg University, France); “Doctor honoris causa”: 1997, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow, Russia); 2003, University of Ancona (Italy); 2012, University of Montevideo (Uruguay).

425 scientific papers (see and

1952-1956: Assistant, Biochemistry Institute. University of Pavia (Exams in Physics)

1957-1959: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Research Council (Ottawa, Canada)                                                                      

1959-1969: Centre de Recherche sur les Macromolecules (Strasbourg, France)

1970-1997 : Head, Laboratoire de Genetique Moleculaire, Institut Jacques Monod (Paris, France)                                                                              

1998-2009 : President of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn and Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution (Naples, Italy)

2010-present: Visiting Professor, Department of Science, Roma Tre University (Rome, Italy)