Guenther Witzany

Guenther Witzany

Telos-Philosophische Praxis; Buermoos, Austria

Guenther Witzany is philosopher specialized in philosophy of science, philosophy of language and communication, philosophy of biology. In the late 1980s he proposed the concept of Life as a communicative structure: cells, tissues, organs and organisms organize and coordinate  themselves through communication processes, i.e. sign-mediated interactions. Signaling at all levels occur according combinatorial (syntactic), context-dependent (pragmatic) and content relevant (semantic) rules. Since 2004 he applied this concept to all domains of life.

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Coherent with empirical knowledge he found that no natural language speaks itself as no natural code codes itself. In natural languages/codes there are always competent agents that act consortial to use signs in languages/codes. This kind of social interaction is completely absent in inanimate nature. Adapted to the genetic code he investigates competent agents that generate, integrate or delete nucleotide sequences such as viruses, viroids, infection derived modules known as mobile genetic elements and all consortia of RNA stem-loops.