John Dupré

John Dupré

Director, Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis), and Professor, Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology; University of Exeter

John Dupré is the Director of Egenis, The Centre for the Study of Life Sciences, at the University of Exeter, and Professor of Philosophy of Science.  His interests in the Philosophy of Biology include systematics, genomics, microbiology, and evolutionary theory.  He is a long-standing critic of neo-Darwinism and evolutionary psychology. His current research is on the possibility of a fully process-centred biology.

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Dupré received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge in 1981, and was a Junior Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford from 1980-1982. He was a member of the Stanford University Department of Philosophy from 1982 to 1996.  Since then he has been at the University of Exeter, where he is currently Professor of Philosophy of Science.  He also taught at Birkbeck College, University of London and has held visiting chairs at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Cambridge.  He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a former president of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.  For ten years he was Director of the ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society at Exeter, part of the ESRC Genomics Network.  Currently he holds an ERC Advanced Investigator Award for a project entitled “A Process Ontology for Contemporary Biology”.



"we have buffered an outdated view of evolution with a thicket of surrounding dogma and presumption that stands in the way of advancing the theory in line with the stunning insights that are being gained in other areas of biology…evolution is a mosaic of more or less related processes…"

(Processes of Life, p. 160)