Mart Krupovic

Mart Krupovic

Department of Microbiology; Institut Pasteur, Paris

Mart Krupovic is a virologist and microbiologist. His research primarily focuses on the origin and evolution of diverse groups of bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic viruses as well as on the relationships between viruses and other types of mobile genetic elements, including plasmids and transposons. He uses theoretical, computational and experimental approaches to address these questions. He currently serves as an elected member of the Executive committee of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). 

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Mart Krupovic has received his MSc degree in Biochemistry (2005) from the Vilnius University, Lithuania and his PhD degree in General Microbiology (2010) from the University of Helsinki, Finland. During his PhD with Dennis H. Bamford he studied the biology and evolution of membrane-containing bacterial viruses. From 2012, he is a permanent research scientist at the Institut Pasteur of Paris, France. He has published over 50 scientific papers.

Mart’s main scientific interest lies in understanding how the virosphere is constructed and how different types of mobile genetic elements (collectively known as the ‘mobilome’) relate to each other and how they impact the evolution of their cellular hosts. It is clear that different types of mobile elements exchange genetic information with each other as well as with their hosts, thereby forming a highly complex evolutionary network. Mart is working towards unravelling the ultimate dimensions and organization of this network. 



"... the sequence space that viruses can (and do) explore is practically limitless, spanning both RNA and DNA virospheres. The latter realization allows us to consider new scenarios for the origin and evolution of different viral groups."

(Krupovic M. Bioessays. 2012; 34: 867-70.)